Golf umbrella GIGANT

Golf Umbrella - Manual - Windproof - XXL
OVERSIZE XXL-SIZE! polyester-pongee cover (190T) (hydrophobic treatment), fiberglass ribs manual frame in black - WINDPROOF, fiberglass shaft (14mm), EVA sponge handle, plastic rib tips, rib length approx. 85cm, diameter approx. 144cm, length approx. 110cm, weight approx. 565g,

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Windproof-system: <br>flexible fiberglass frame
Flexible windproof system:<br>The umbrella can withstand strong gusts of wind. It turns inside out in extremely windy conditions but does not break.
flexible, sturdy fiberglass shaft - 14mm diameter
weight up to 550g
XXL oversize - diameter
diameter from 140cm
rib length from 85cm
closed length up to 110cm